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Welcome to the new Beneath Ceaseless Skies website!

We’ve completely redesigned the site, adding a bunch of new features that better highlight our authors, their great fiction and audio fiction, and our gorgeous artwork.  Some of these include:

streaming audio for the podcasts, not only each podcast’s page as before but now also in the issue Table of Contents

–larger site width, so the cover and interior banners can show a bigger portion of the artwork

–a blog-style News page, with posts sorted by categories, including the old posts all imported from our Forums

–commenting conveniently located on the story pages themselves

Feel free to surf through the new site to check it out. 

And let us know what you think, so that we can tweak it to suit you, our readers. You can post a comment on this post or Contact us using the Contact page. Thanks very much!

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4 Comments on “Welcome to the new BCS Website”

4 Responses to “Welcome to the new BCS Website”

  1. […] go check out the new site, with amazing art by Raphael Lacoste, and if you feel so inclined, please comment on the new design.  We always love feedback. Leave a […]

  2. ai-peng says:

    I am totally surprised by the change. Does this mean the forum is no longer available?

    • Scott H. Andrews says:

      I hope it’s a good surprise? :) Yes, the forum is no longer available; we think the blog-style commenting located on the story pages will be more user-friendly. All the old forum posts have been entered into the new system, so all your old comments are still there, next to the appropriate stories and posts. Thanks very much for all your comments.

  3. Love the new layout! Now I can easily subscribe to feeds and find content.

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