To celebrate the Jan. 21 release of the new epic fantasy novel The Mask of Mirrors by M.A. Carrick (a joint pseudonym for BCS authors Marie Brennan and Alyc Helms) and the M.A. Carrick short story “As Tight as Any Knot” in BCS #321, BCS is giving away two copies of The Mask of Mirrors.

The Mask of Mirrors and “As Tight as Any Knot” feature clever thieves running deft schemes to secure themselves and their futures, with a similar flair as Brennan’s caper tale “The Şiret Mask” in BCS #238 and podcast BCS 206 and in a world as gritty as Helms’s “A Screech of Gulls” in BCS #168 and podcast BCS 145.

One giveaway for The Mask of Mirrors is on the BCS website in this very post. (The other will be on the BCS Twitter feed @BCSmagazine, on Thurs. Jan. 7.)

To enter the giveaway that’s in this very post, comment on this post (here) and tell us your favorite BCS story that features a thief or rogue or caper. However you choose to define it. By any author, in any issue of BCS.

Your comment will enter you in a random drawing for a copy of The Mask of Mirrors. This giveaway ends Wed. Jan. 13. (Full Rules are here, at the end of this post.)

To get you started, here are some thief or rogue or caper tales from past issues of BCS:

Eyetooth” by Chris Willrich, BCS #314

The Şiret Mask” by Marie Brennan, BCS #238 and podcast BCS 206

Ill-Met at Midnight” by David Tallerman, BCS #128 and podcast BCS 110

The Mermaid Caper” by Rich Larson, BCS #119


Dragon’s-Eyes” by Margaret Ronald, BCS #9 and podcast BCS 007

The Streetking” by Peter Hickman, BCS #160 and podcast BCS 139

The Crimson Kestrel” by Leslianne Wilder, BCS #114

Thieves of Silence” by Holly Phillips, BCS #21


The God Thieves” by Derek Künsken, BCS #84

The Jewels of Montforte” by Adam Corbin Fusco, BCS #44

Pawn’s Gambit” by Adam Heine, BCS #41 and podcast BCS 037

The Tinyman and Caroline” by Sarah L. Edwards, BCS #17, M


Hence the King from Kagehana” by Michael Anthony Ashley, BCS #81

Between Shifting Skin and Certainty” by Justin Howe, BCS #26

The Sword of Loving Kindness” by Chris Willrich, BCS #1


Good luck!

Full rules for the M.A. Carrick The Mask of Mirrors giveaway:

You must leave your comment on this The Mask of Mirrors Giveaway post. Comments left anywhere else will not enter you in the giveaway.

Your comment must mention the title of a work of short fiction that appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies magazine. Comments that do not mention the title of a work of short fiction that appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies magazinewill not enter you in the giveaway.

You must post your comment before midnight PST on Wed. Jan. 13, 2021. Any comments posted after that will not be eligible.

Entrants will be entered in a random drawing to win the book.

BCS will conduct the random drawing from all eligible entries. The winner will receive either a paper copy or digital ebook copy of The Mask of Mirrors, at the sole choice of BCS. Orbit Books will send the book to the winner.

You must use a valid email address when you submit your comment (otherwise we won’t be able to contact you if you win).

Each person will be entered only once in the random drawing (even if you leave more than one eligible comment).

BCS is not responsible for comments that get lost or caught in our spam filtering or don’t show up in our system, or email addresses that get garbled or otherwise rendered unusable for contacting an entrant.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Twitter. Participants are providing information to BCS and Firkin Press and not to Facebook or Twitter or anyone else.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in this post or via our Contact page. Good luck!

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