Four-Time Hugo Award Finalist for Best Semiprozine

Scott H. Andrews,
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

A replica late fifteenth-century dog-faced bascinet, and the Editor.

A replica late fifteenth-century dog-faced bascinet, and the Editor.

Scott H. Andrews is a chemistry lecturer, editor, musician, and writer. He was co-Fiction Editor of The William and Mary Review for two years. His literary short fiction won a $1000 prize from the Briar Cliff Review; his genre short fiction has appeared in venues such as Ann VanderMeer’s Weird Tales, Space and Time, and On Spec. He is a four-time finalist for the World Fantasy Award for his editing and publishing of Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

Scott lives in Virginia with his wife, two cats, nine guitars, a dozen overflowing bookcases, and hundreds of beer bottles from all over the world.

Nicole Lavigne,
Editorial Assistant, 2013-

The Editorial Assistant, with appropriately genre-fiction headgear.

Nicole Lavigne has a BA in English and Theatre from the University of Ottawa. She still lives in Ottawa with her one cat but considers all of Canada her home after bouncing across the country as a military brat during her childhood. She is a professional storyteller as well as a writer and daylights as an administrative assistant for the government.



Kerstin Hall,
Editorial Assistant, 2016-

The Editorial Assistant, with no headgear.

Kerstin Hall does not have a cat. She grew up and lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Her fiction has been published by Short Story Day Africa and she has worked as an editor for sub-Q and Type/Cast magazines. She is also a Mandela Rhodes Scholar. At one stage, she had a pet tortoise that bit people.



Kate Marshall,
Assistant Editor, 2010-2013

The Assistant Editor, sans bascinet.

The Assistant Editor, sans bascinet.

Kate Marshall has no bascinet, but she does have the requisite cat. She is a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop and her fiction has appeared in IGMS, Pseudopod, Nossa Morte, and Brain Harvest. She spends her days writing for a video game company in Seattle.