Cover Art
2013, 2014 Hugo Award Finalist for Best Semiprozine
Golden Age

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Juan Carlos Barquet is an artist from Mexico City. He has done illustrations for books, album covers and tabletop games for clients such as Fantasy Flight Games; concept art and matte paintings for short films supervised by DreamWorks Animation and ILM, and exhibitions at Art Takes Times Square (New York, 2013), WarmStreets Gallery (Lynchburg, 2013), Light Grey Art Lab (Minneapolis, 2013), Parallax Art Fair (London, 2012), Euskal Exhibition Center (Bilbao, 2012) and more. View more of his work at


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Tomas Honz is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, who believes in the traditional approach to art. To him, painting is a science that is necessary to acquire in order to make an art of it. He has years of experience in the entertainment industry as a concept illustrator, but his desire to create his own work, as well as a serious trauma--one of those things that make you reconsider your whole life--led him to leave that career, to open his eyes and soul to the fascinating world around him and shift his attention to traditional painting. See more of his work online at

Sand and Ruins

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The cover art for The BCS Audio Vault, our new podcast.

Jorge Jacinto is a digital artist from Portugal who works on illustration and visual development, mainly in the printing and video-game industries. He specializes in the creation of environments within the fantasy and science-fiction realm. He has worked on both console and mobile video games and has created several illustrations for books, CD covers, and the like. His work has been featured as a workshop in ImagineFX magazine. View his concept art and commissions in his gallery at

Kaybor Gate

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Alex Ries is a Melbourne- based illustrator and concept artist with years’ experience across the industry. His artworks have been featured by publishers including Clarkesworld Magazine, Pearson Education Canada, and the Discovery Channel. As a concept artist, he worked in the gaming industry with THQ’s Bluetongue Entertainment studio and contributed to four published titles. His University studies in diverse visual media such as painting, 3D visualization, and film, coupled with an interest in biology, zoology and real-world technology, have fostered an artistic style that can not only accurately illustrate life from the real world but fictional life as well. View his work online at

After the Giants War

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David Demaret is an art director/artist from Paris, France. He is a senior graphic artist working in the videogame industry for 20 years, and he does freelance and contract work for illustrations and concept art. View his work online at


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Special science-fantasy cover art for BCS Science-Fantasy Month 2.

Ferdinand Dumago Ladera is an acclaimed artist born in Iligan, the city of waterfalls, situated in the southeastern part of the Philippines. He was trained and received a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at FEATI University in Manila, Philippines. He has a diverse background as a fine artist, graphic designer, and photographer. He specializes in fantasy and science-fiction illustration. View more of his work at his website,


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German native Stefan Meisl studied art at the University of Passau, where he went on to become a teacher. Beginning in 2006, Stefan became a freelance painter and a graphic artist. Stefan is a member of the German Professional Artists Association and has had numerous exhibitions in both Germany and abroad. In 2008, Stefan had received the Award for Young Artists of the Free State of Bavaria. View more of his artwork at his gallery on

The Rickety Tower

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Jeremiah Morelli lives in southern Germany and currently works as a middle school teacher for English and Art. He sees his painting mainly as a hobby, though he has been selling prints for several years. Colorful, whimsical scenes are what he likes most, and he hopes to publish a children's book one day.

Endless Skies (Reprise)

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"Endless Skies" was the cover art for BCS's premiere five years ago. To celebrate our fifth anniversary, we've brought it back for our Anniversary Double-Issue.

Rick Sardinha is a professional illustrator/fine artist living and working on the outskirts of Providence, Rhode Island.  His passion is to create in traditional oil media, however, he is just as comfortable in front of a computer and often uses multiple disciplines in the image creation process. More of his work can be seen at