Audio Fiction
BCS 314: Eleanora of the Bones

Eleanora loved the ossuary best as evening fell.

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BCS 313: The Whisper of That Blood

I loved my Mama. I know she did the best she could. But she was wrong to leave my brother here.

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BCS 312: The Cuckoo of Vrežna Mountain

I knew the power the Godless were imbued with from childhood, to detect the parasite that had destroyed our gods.

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BCS 311: Blooms

Most of what she planted in the garden grew now, even if cabbages cried in the night and tomatoes disappeared.

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BCS 310: The Changeling and the Child

How does one explain it to one such as her, how motherhood tugs at you?

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BCS 309: Your Great Mother Across the Salt Sea

She’d hoped to sew a dress powerful enough to remind the queen who the queen claimed as kin, and who claimed her in return.

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BCS 308: A Forcible Calm

All four were Brothers of Dule, magicians of a shared heritage and shared interests, her enemies—and yet there might be fissures.

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BCS 307: Constant Ivan and Clever Natalya

The warp is Constant Ivan, strong and steady. The weft is Clever Natalya, darting here and there.

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BCS 306: Half-Spent Was the Night

She finds herself muttering to Jonah, “What if Leah never knows what any color but grey looks like?”

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