Audio Fiction from 2009
BCS 028: The Woman and the Mountain

The mountain was listening very closely, watching the wind blow faint tendrils of her hair, catching the warmth of her breath.

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BCS 027: Great, Golden Wings

Lady Percivalia sat motionless for as long as she could so that she could savor the thrill.

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BCS 026: Six Seeds

Dollies were the chore of my life: winding them, mending gears, and keeping good care of their pricier parts which pleasured the men.

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BCS 025: The Pirate Captain’s Daughter

Pirates of the highest tier raided poetry itself.

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BCS 024: Between Shifting Skin and Certainty

“If it was the last skin you wore,” he said, “would you take it?”

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BCS 023: The Alchemist’s Feather

I wake to find another finger gone.

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BCS 022: Father’s Kill

I lock both Father and the night away.

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BCS 021: The Prince’s Shadow

My hands were reading the elaborate carvings on the fireplace when I heard two halting footsteps behind me.

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BCS 020: Blighted Heart

His eyes, shining yellow in the night, were the ones I remembered from the day I had lost my heart.

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