Audio Fiction from 2011
BCS 072: Read This Quickly, For You Will Only Have a Moment…

...before the tapping of a beak upon the glass calls your guards as well.

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BCS 071: To the Gods of Time and Engines, a Gift

The silent commands were with her all the time now, haunting and familiar.

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BCS 070: The Judge’s Right Hand

The brand Adultery will scar her pretty cheeks, and our son will wear the Bastard brand his whole life. But those aren't the brands I'm worried about.

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BCS 068: Butterfly

Aidan pulled away from my hand. I could feel his finger bones slip and shift out of place.

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BCS 067: Gone Sleeping

Well, what was I supposed to do? I wished harder. I couldn't just stop.

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BCS 066: The Witch’s Second

One can scarcely thank a man for promising to thrash one's best friend in a duel.

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BCS 065: My Father’s Wounds

Father guides my hand to the ruin of his belly. My fingers sink into the wound, touching something moist and pulsing—

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BCS 064: Ink and Blood

Her smile made him feel like someone other than pudgy Wilhelm from the paper store.

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BCS 063: Walls of Paper, Soft as Skin

Layers of parchment enclosed the room. Walls yellowed and tearing. Ceiling shedding like a lizard.

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