Audio Fiction from 2012
BCS 094: Seeking The Great Raymundo

“Why in the world do you want to be a magician, if that’s the life they lead?” he asked me after one particularly bloodcurdling story about an angry mother.

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BCS 093: They Make of You a Monster

By the time they snap her fifth finger, she doesn't have the strength to struggle anymore.

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BCS 092: Luck Fish

He slices through the thong on the cover of the fish basket. Hundreds of sunken eyes stare accusingly up at him.

BCS 091: Cursed Motives

Safy laughed despite herself. "Unnatural? Of course I am."

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BCS 090: Worth of Crows

It should be spring, the crows' dead eyes protest. It should be spring.

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BCS 089: The Ascent of Unreason

If Tolyat wanted to see the whole of Driftwood at once, he had to get close to the Crush.

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BCS 088: When Averly Fell from the Sky

Only then did I discover two alarming facts about my own person: I was naked beneath the scratchy blanket, and my wrists and ankles were bound in chains.

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BCS 087: The Angel Azrael Delivers Small Mercies

The angel Azrael surveyed the remains of the town. The place was as dead as the horse he sat on.

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BCS 086: The Three Feats of Agani

I had hoped to tell you the first story in the summers to come. It is my sorrowful task to tell you all three, instead.

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