Audio Fiction from 2015
BCS 163: A Killer of Dead Men

Otranto knew better than to ask why any man must die.

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BCS 162: Bloodless

But she wouldn't let him make it through the gate; the inside guards were there to deal with travelers. Kamalija was here to deal with monsters.

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BCS 161: Unearthly Landscape by a Lady

I could not imagine that my charge could conceive something so strange, so unpleasant.

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BCS 160: A Careful Fire

She bursts each night when he leaves her. She does not wash the juice from her skin but hides the blue stains beneath her clothes.

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BCS 159: The Sons of Vincente

The other hand held aloft his trophy—the severed head of my mother.

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BCS 158: Moogh and the Great Trench Kraken

It was more water than ever should be in one place, something so vast he scarcely could find the words. "Oh," he said. "This is a very large river indeed."

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BCS 157: Bent the Wing, Dark the Cloud

Liras tried to remain at his workbench and finish the customer's wings, but the pain grew too much.

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BCS 156: Seasons Set in Skin

Horimachi's own tattoos were from before the war, when black ink was made of soot instead of faery blood.

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BCS 155: Stone Prayers

Mattar comes to the house of Anaharesh in search of a single word; a word to end a war.

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