Audio Fiction from 2018
BCS 228: Feral Attachments at Kulle Bland Bergen

They lost Bragi—Harald lost him—in late spring, when the snow was mostly gone and meadows were livid with velvetbells, ogre-thistle, and mountain orchid.

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BCS 227: In the Ground, Before the Freeze

Katrin had known since she was a little girl what her husband would look like, ever since she was old enough to understand that Aunt Gunna had deeded her farm to Katrin.

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BCS 226: The Oracle and the Sea

Every month when the soldiers bring her supply of flour and milk, they also bring waterproofed parcels of manuscript paper and cool bricks of ink.

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BCS 225: Magic Potion Behind-the-Mountains

But the magistrate firmly believes that this pursuit will pay off. He will learn the secret magic potion, and he will be vindicated.

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BCS 224: Ruby, Singing

There are some in Quadril who will call that my first mistake. They'd be wrong, my child.

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BCS 223: Ancestor Night

As the oldest, I had to make sure I and my four sisters and little brother gave greetings to our parents in their first year under the ice.

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BCS 222: Periling Hand

That morning, everywhere he drove he heard about the murder that wasn’t murder but business done by different name. “A dead incast in Pingree. Shot, tche.”

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BCS 221: The Scrimshander

He stared into the flickering eyes of the monster he'd drawn, hypnotized, stricken, and his shivering stopped as grief became anger.

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BCS 220: The Weaver and the Snake

Reilitas has dreamed of the snake, dreamed of hammering its beautiful onyx scales into ceremonial knives, shields, the faces of clocks.

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