Audio Fiction from 2020
BCS 269: The Garden Where No One Ever Goes

I meet you in the middle of the night in the garden where no one goes. 

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BCS 268: A Land of Blood and Snow

There is no safety for us anymore in the waxing and waning of the moon.

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BCS 267: The Heart That Saves You May Be Your Own

You carry a rifle and a dream of a white dress. You sleep under the stars. You hunt.

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BCS 266: A Minor Exorcism

A more tunnel-like hole had been dug into some of the graves, possibly to test them for the freshness of the corpses.

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BCS 265: Deep in the Drift, Spinning

A pause only Winnifletch herself notices, a twinge in her guts as she unsacks the gull that Gert Mews has lugged to her sea-spindle shack.

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BCS 264: Doorway, Smile, Kiss, Fox

I have wondered these past two years which of us would meet our end first—myself or the city.

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BCS 263: Seven Dreams of a Valley

On the fourth night... ...I was at a wedding.

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BCS 262: The Augur and the Girl Left at His Door

The augur could read on her skin that she would be cared for by an old man who was not her kin.

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BCS 261: The Widow

I hear you are yourself of low birth, Monsieur de la Martinière, and so may understand what it’s like to experience, for the first time, not even luxury but safety.

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