Audio Fiction from 2021
BCS 286: No Say

Unless Tadie didn’t let him. She stepped a pace back and pulled Loyd with her, away from Jessen.

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BCS 285: The Last Days of Summer in the City of Olives

"Tell me, Maria," she said. "What is happening to our people?"

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BCS 284: Stronger

Love is the arrow that pins us down so we can't escape.

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BCS 283: In Case You’re the One to Devour a Star

Her voice is soft when she speaks, as if anything louder could aggravate my old wound.

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BCS 282: The Shape of Wings and Feathers

But this is a test designed to weed the weak from the strong, and part of Bryce realizes that she must try something different.

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BCS 281: For Rain Is To Wet and Fire To Burn

The angels plunged into the orange glowing mouth of my kiln.

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BCS 280: A Flower Cannot Love the Hand

I am still myself and so I am answered at last: yes, I have a soul, no matter what shape its vessel is forced into.

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BCS 279: The Woods Echo Back

Shon knows silence well.

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BCS 278: Hassan the Executioner Walks Out of Jawasar for the Last Time

Hassan had loved her, but his eyes had still been clear enough to know how the world saw her.

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