Audio Fiction from 2022
BCS 306: Half-Spent Was the Night

She finds herself muttering to Jonah, “What if Leah never knows what any color but grey looks like?”

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BCS 305: By Hand and By Heart

And this was apparently the point where she was supposed to feel lucky.

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BCS 304: He Stays Among the Commots

All the cantrevs of his homeland had been burned.

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BCS 303: Playing God

Try thinking about it, the Archer God had said, so I did.

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BCS 302: Fire and Brimstone in the Twin Cities

Lot revisits his tankard and frowns thoughtfully.

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BCS 301: Of the Body

I am terrified of the moment when Osarah and I will hunt down the animal that bears our child and kill it.

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BCS 300: Five Aspects of River and Sky

Annell's throws always rose high enough that the skies accepted her sacrifice. Why did she have to leave instead of me?

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BCS 299: Imagine a Thief with Golden Fire in Their Voice

I am not saying I don’t have the power. There’s no point in denying that. I’m saying I don’t have the right.

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BCS 298: How to Be a True Woman While Piloting a Steam-Engine Balloon

Amelia is the best pilot the Territorial Revolutionists have. That's not boasting, it’s just true.

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