BCS 116: Walking Still

Issue #137

"Fifteen secret herbs and spices, mixed by dangerous dee-vices! Distilled and brewed and served up cold, it fixes the sick and renews the old! No malady can long withstand it, ‘cause that’s how Professor Bismuth planned it! So come on gents and don’t delay, buy your-self a jug today!"


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Read “Walking Still” by C.T. Hutt, in Issue #136

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C.T. Hutt is a former government policy analyst who escaped D.C. and took refuge in the Rocky Mountains. A graduate of the University of Colorado’s MFA program, his work has been featured in Juked Magazine and 69 Flavors of Paranoia. His debut novel Havoc’s Children: Dog Days of Thereafter will be available as an eBook in 2014. Find him on Twitter @bookhutt.

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