BCS 130: The Black Waters of Lethe

Issue #150 - Special Double-Issue

Read by Norm Sherman of The Drabblecast.

There's no reason for anyone to visit our empty scrubland. Civilization, comfort, memory: these must all be on the opposite bank. On this side lies only madness. Nature itself here is unnatural. Ants sometimes fly in the air. The prince says that of course ants fly. On the other side of the river, he claims, his golden carriage was pulled by swarms of winged ants. I remember none of this.


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Read “The Black Waters of Lethe” by Oliver Buckram, in Issue #150 - Special Double-Issue

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Oliver Buckram, Ph.D., writes fantasy and science fiction. He lives in the Boston area where, under an assumed name, he teaches social science to undergraduates. His fiction has appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Interzone, and Shimmer, among other places.  He urges you to keep watching the skies.

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