BCS 162: Bloodless

Issue #186

The strange moment broke, and suddenly the stranger in her circle was an enemy again, and Kamalija struck out with her knife. He had already ducked back, and the blade dragged then stopped at the line where they'd poured her blood, as if the air was made of clay. She couldn't force it any further, and she watched his back as he bounded into the forest.


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Cory Skerry lives in the Pacific Northwest, where he goes exploring with his sweet, goofy pit bulls and any friends who can keep up. He writes impossible things and paints what he shouldn't. When his current meatshell begins to fall apart, he’d like science to put his brain into a giant killer octopus body, with which he’ll be very responsible and not even slightly shipwrecky. Pinky swear. For more about him and his work, visit plunderpuss.net.

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