BCS 188: Think Of Winter

Issue #217

Read by Michael J. DeLuca.

Folu has forgotten how to read them, but something is stirring. The symbols start dancing again, even if only a little. The Lion, the Knight, the Sun. The Knight is finally here. The cards knew he was coming. He came to ruin everything, with his warm blanket and bright fire and hot soup. The Knight has brought the Sun. The Sun burns. The Grey Men’s Sun burnt Mother. Folu will never forget.


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Read “Think Of Winter” by Eleanna Castroianni, in Issue #216

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Eleanna Castroianni was born and raised in Greece, where she teaches and writes after spending years in the UK. Following one obsession after the other, she studied law, gender and sexuality, and is currently pursuing a PhD in cultural geography. "Think of Winter" is her first fiction publication.

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