BCS 220: The Weaver and the Snake

Issue #253

Narrated by M.K. Hobson.

Reilitas clutches tightly her wrought-iron railing as the city guards throttle the thieves and rioters. Wherever she looks she finds destroyed the things she has made. The ambassador's tiled vases are smashed; she had spun them wide to hold his banana trees. The golden automaton in the shrine of the god of prophecy, which she had helped a foreign machinist assemble, has lost all four of its arms, and its topaz eyes have been plucked. A dress that must be her work, woven for a virgin consecrated to the temple, is ripped and fouled in the street.


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Blaine Vitallo is a twenty-six-year-old after-school program director from Williston, Florida who has been writing short fantasy and slipstream fiction for eight years. His other works have been published in Able Muse, Hellohorror, and L'Allure Des Mots.

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