BCS 043: Eighth Eye

Issue #50

The spider creeps closer, dragging its meal behind. Moira counts its eyes again. Seven. The spider's the only thing that has reality. It's realer than she is, right now. She's already on her way out--has been since the burns, really. She tries to breathe, but the wrappings are so tight, and the weight on her chest is so heavy.

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Read “Eighth Eye” by Erin Cashier, in Issue #49

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Erin Cashier is a nurse at a burn ward in the Bay Area. She attended Clarion West in 2007, and her story "Cruciger" is in Writers of the Future XXIV. Her story "Near the Flame" is forthcoming in Shimmer Magazine.and "Cruciger" will appear soon on Escape Pod. She is the author of “Hangman” in Beneath Ceaseless Skies #10 as well as "The Alchemist's Feather" in BCS #25 and the Best of BCS, Year One anthology.

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