Fran Wilde

Fran Wilde writes science fiction and fantasy. She can also tie a bunch of sailing knots, set gemstones, and program digital minions. Her short fiction has appeared in venues including Asimov’s, Nature, and on Her interview series Cooking the Books, about the intersection between food and fiction, has appeared at Strange Horizons,, and on her blog, Her first novel, Updraft, set in the same world as “Bent the Wing, Dark the Cloud,” was a finalist for the Nebula Awards and won the Andre Norton Award and the Compton Crook Award. Her next novel, Cloudbound, a companion novel to Updraft, appeared in September 2016, and a third will follow in September 2017. Her novella “The Jewel and Her Lapidary,” published by Publishing, is a finalist for the Nebula Awards and Hugo Awards. Find her on Twitter @fran_wilde and Facebook@franwildewrites.

Stories by Fran Wilde:
“Bent the Wing, Dark the Cloud”Issue #181, September 3, 2015
“The Topaz Marquise”Issue #152, July 24, 2014

Podcasts by Fran Wilde:
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Audio Vault Podcasts by Fran Wilde:
BCS Audio Vault 027: Bent the Wing, Dark the CloudIssue #233, August 31, 2017
BCS Audio Vault 024: The Topaz MarquiseIssue #199, May 5, 2016

Interviews by Fran Wilde:
Author Interview: Fran WildeIssue #181, September 3, 2015