Gemma Files

Former film critic and teacher turned award-winning horror author Gemma Files is best-known for her Hexslinger novel series (A Book of Tongues, A Rope of Thorns, and A Tree of Bones). She has also published two collections of short fiction and two chapbooks of poetry, and she is currently hard at work on her fourth novel. The adventures of Jerusalem Parry and Solomon Rusk from “Two Captains” and “Drawn Up From Deep Places” continue in “Trap-Weed” (Clockwork Phoenix 4) and “The Salt Wedding” (Kaleidotrope, early 2015).

Stories by Gemma Files:
“Drawn Up From Deep Places”Issue #159, October 30, 2014
“A Feast for Dust”Issue #132, October 17, 2013

"The strong and eccentric narrative voice and dialogue carry this one through the course of a tale told rather obliquely. Recommended." —Lois Tilton, Locus online

“Two Captains”Issue #125, July 11, 2013

"A dark revenge fantasy with strong characters whose voices are vividly distinctive. Recommended." —Lois Tilton, Locus online

Podcasts by Gemma Files:
BCS 114: A Feast for DustIssue #133, October 31, 2013