Gregory Norman Bossert

Greg Bossert grew up in Cambridge, Mass., and currently lives across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco; his path between these points passed through Lisbon, Vienna, Northfield MN, NYC, Silicon Valley, and Berlin. He started writing in 2009 (on a dare over pizza and beer), attended the 2010 Clarion Writer’s Workshop, and has had several stories in Asimov’s Science Fiction and a Russian reprint in Esli Magazine. When not writing, he works on films, currently at LucasFilm. More information on his writing, films, and music is available at and on his blog

Stories by Gregory Norman Bossert:
“The Telling”Issue #109, November 29, 2012

"...apian metaphors abound. But other secrets need to be answered... The telling is rewarding. Recommended." —Lois Tilton, Locus online