Jonathan Edelstein

Jonathan Edelstein is forty-five years old, married with cat, and living in New York City. In addition to BCS, his work has appeared in Strange Horizons, Escape Pod, Intergalactic Medicine Show, and the Lacuna Journal, and he blogs occasionally at He counts Ursula Le Guin and Bernard Cornwell among his inspirations, and when he isn’t writing, he practices law and hopes someday to get it right.

Stories by Jonathan Edelstein:
“Of Letters They Are Made”Issue #228, June 22, 2017
“The Shark God's Child”Issue #222, March 30, 2017
“Abere and the Poisoner”Issue #208, September 15, 2016

Podcasts by Jonathan Edelstein:
BCS 182: Abere and the PoisonerIssue #208, September 15, 2016