Michael J. DeLuca

Michael J. DeLuca brews beer, bakes bread, hugs trees, and curates a precolombian thought broadcast out of the back of his head. He graduated from the Odyssey Writing Workshop in 2005, belongs to the Homeless Moon writers’ cabal, volunteers at Small Beer Press, and operates Weightless Books, an indie ebook store. Look for more of his short fiction upcoming in Jabberwocky, Bibliotheca Fantastica, and Live Free or Never Die. Read his blog at www.michaeljdeluca.com.

Stories by Michael J. DeLuca:
“Death and the Thunderbird, Pt. II”Issue #98, June 28, 2012
“Death and the Thunderbird, Pt. I”Issue #97, June 14, 2012
“The Nine-Tailed Cat”Issue #70, June 2, 2011

"this short piece is lovely to read. Recommended" —Lois Tilton, Locus online

Honorable Mention, Year's Best SF 29 (ed. Gardner Dozois)

“The Circus of King Minos' Masque”Issue #41, April 22, 2010
“Between Two Treasons”Issue #23, August 13, 2009

"has a strong sense of urgency, and the ending deliberately defies conventional reader expectations"   —Lois Tilton, IROSF

“Of Thinking Being and Beast”Issue #9, January 29, 2009

Podcasts by Michael J. DeLuca:
“BCS 062: The Nine-Tailed Cat”Issue #71, June 16, 2011
“BCS 009: Of Thinking Being and Beast”Issue #12, March 12, 2009