Emily McIntyre
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When Emily McIntyre isn’t devising magic systems and mouthing lines of dialogue to her computer screen, she’s probably assaulting a body bag in a Portland gym. A lifetime fantasy obsessive and martial artist, Emily has work published in Metaphorosis, Aquifer: The Florida Review, and other publications under the byline Talisen Fray. Read more at

Stories by Emily McIntyre:
Erin A. Tidwell
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Erin A. Tidwell is a graduate of the Viable Paradise workshop.  She lives in Bellevue, WA.

Stories by Erin A. Tidwell:
Erin Cashier
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Erin Cashier is a registered nurse in the Bay Area. She’s been published by Shimmer, Abyss & Apex, Writers of the Future, Escape Pod, Podcastle, Neil Clarke’s Upgraded anthology, and numerous times in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, including “The Alchemist’s Feather” in BCS #25 and the Best of BCS, Year One anthology.

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Audio Vault Podcasts by Erin Cashier:
BCS Audio Vault 017: HangmanIssue #171, April 9, 2015
Erin Hoffman
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Erin Hoffman is the author of Sword of Fire and Sea, the first book of the Chaos Knight trilogy, which debuted from Pyr Books in June 2011 and is set in the same world as "Stormchaser, Stormshaper" in BCS #14. She is a professional video game designer whose credits include Dragonrealms, Shadowbane: The Lost Kingdom, Kung Fu Panda World, and FrontierVille. She also serves on the International Game Developers Association’s board of directors, writes for the award-winning online magazine The Escapist, and has had fiction and poetry in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Electric Velocipede, Clockwork Phoenix, and more. She is a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop and lives with her husband, two parrots, and two dogs in northern California.

Stories by Erin Hoffman:
Evan Dicken
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By day, Evan Dicken studies old Japanese maps and crunches data for all manner of fascinating medical experiments at the Ohio State University. By night, he does neither of these things. His fiction has most recently appeared in Unlikely StoryStarship Sofa, and Flash Fiction Online, and he has stories forthcoming from publishers such as Apex and Daily Science Fiction. Please feel free to visit him at

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Ferrett Steinmetz
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After twenty years of wandering desolate as a writer, Ferrett Steinmetz attended Clarion in 2008 and was rejuvenated. In the two years since then, he’s sold stories to Asimov’s (twice!), GUD, Shimmer, and  Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, among others, and otherwise has a marvelous collection of extremely kind rejection letters. He lives in Cleveland with his wife, a well-worn copy of Rock Band, and a friendly ghost. Visit him online at

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Fox McGeever
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Fox McGeever is an Irish writer currently living at the edge of a dark and endless forest in Sweden. When he’s not out sifting through the shadows of this forest for inspiration, he’s hard at work creating his alternative world The Parawerthan. In addition to Beneath Ceaseless Skies, his work has appeared in Withersin and Necrotic Tissue. "Lession’s Tower" is set in The Parawerthan. Fox’s alter ego is currently trekking through this world. You can follow his progress at

Stories by Fox McGeever:
Fran Wilde
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Fran Wilde writes science fiction and fantasy. She can also tie a bunch of sailing knots, set gemstones, and program digital minions. Her novels and short stories have been finalists for three Nebula Awards, a World Fantasy Award, and two Hugo Awards, and include her Andre Norton- and Compton-Crook-winning debut novel Updraft, its sequels Cloudbound and Horizon, and the Nebula-, Hugo-, and Locus-nominated novelette The Jewel and Her Lapidary. Her short stories have appeared in Asimov’s,, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Shimmer, Nature, and the 2017 Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror. Her poetry has appeared in The Marlboro Review, Articulate, and Poetry Baltimore. She holds an MFA in poetry and an MA in information architecture and interaction design. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and at

Stories by Fran Wilde:
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Audio Vault Podcasts by Fran Wilde:
BCS Audio Vault 027: Bent the Wing, Dark the CloudIssue #233, August 31, 2017
BCS Audio Vault 024: The Topaz MarquiseIssue #199, May 5, 2016
Interviews by Fran Wilde:
Author Interview: Fran WildeIssue #181, September 3, 2015
Garnett Elliot
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Garnett Elliott lives and works in Tucson, Arizona as a trauma clinician. Previous work has appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, and numerous online and print anthologies.

Stories by Garnett Elliot: