Jeff Isacksen
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In addition to writing, Jeff Isacksen works as a personal trainer, plays too many video games, and practices Krav Maga incessantly. His first reader is always his infinitely supportive wife and fellow writer, Lauren Liebowitz, without whom he never would have put his ideas to the page.

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Jennifer Greylyn
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Jennifer Greylyn has been telling stories for as long as she can remember. Her work has appeared in such varied places as Abyss and Apex and Malpractice: Tales of Bedside Terror, and she has stories forthcoming in Neo-opsis as well as the anthologies Evolve, 2012 AD, and Twisted Legends. She writes under a pseudonym to keep her writing life separate from her more mundane existence as a university teacher and tutor. She lives in Canada.

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Jeremy A. TeGrotenhuis
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Jeremy A. TeGrotenhuis is a history and English teacher and SFF writer from Eastern Washington state, where he grew up playing make-believe in the same desert that houses the most polluted nuclear waste site in America. His fiction has also appeared in Deep Magic, Writers of the Future 34, and The Overcast. You can follow him on Twitter @jeremyteg and he blogs at

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Jeremy Sim
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Jeremy Sim is a Singaporean-American writer and author of over a dozen published stories, including appearances in Cicada, Crossed Genres, Flash Fiction Online, and previously in Beneath Ceaseless Skies. He is a graduate of Odyssey Writing Workshop and Clarion West Writers Workshop, where he received the Octavia E. Butler Scholarship. By day he works in the video game industry, having lent his pen to titles such as the critically acclaimed Endless Space 2. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington, and writes for En Masse Entertainment. Find him online at @jeremy_sim or

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Jesse Bullington
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Jesse Bullington is the author of the novels The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart and the upcoming The Enterprise of Death, which will be released in March 2011. His short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in various magazines, including ChiZine, Jabberwocky, and Brain Harvest, as well as in anthologies such as Ekaterina Sedia’s Running with the Pack, James Lowder’s The Best of All Flesh, and Robin Laws’s The New Hero. He currently resides in Colorado and can be found online at

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Jessica Paddock
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Jessica Paddock spends her time vacillating between thinking about writing and actually doing it. She likes to read about mythology, look for monsters in closets, and lurk in shadows of Washington forests. You can chat with her on Twitter @Imagining_Ink.

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Joanne Rixon
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Joanne Rixon lives in the shadow of an active volcano with a rescue chihuahua named after a dinosaur. She is an organizer with North Seattle Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers, and her stories have appeared in Crossed Genres, Liminal Stories, and Reckoning 2, among others. You can find her yelling about politics and poetry on twitter @JoanneRixon.

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Joe L. Murr
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Joe L. Murr has lived on every continent except Antarctica. He currently divides his time between Finland and the Netherlands. His fiction has been published or is forthcoming in ChiZine, Dark Recesses, Dark Pages Volume 1, Phantom Drift: New Fabulism, and other publications.

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John E.O. Stevens
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John E.O. Stevens pens a weekly column for the SF Signal website on fantastic literature and its cultures. He has been published in Apex Magazine, Bull Spec, and Proxima: Dansk Science Fiction Tidsskrift and has a story forthcoming in Le Zaparogue. He labors as a bookseller in the wilds of upstate New York where he is currently working on two books (one fiction, one non-fiction), when he is not reading with his daughter or being a curmudgeon. You can find him lurking about his blog ( or on twitter @eruditeogre.

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