Kameron Hurley
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Kameron Hurley is the author of The Stars are Legion, the Worldbreaker Saga, and the God’s War Trilogy. She has won the Hugo Award, Locus Award, Kitschy Award, and Sydney J. Bounds Award for Best Newcomer; she has also been a finalist for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, Nebula Award, and the Gemmell Morningstar Award. Her short fiction has appeared in Popular Science, Lightspeed, Year’s Best SF, The Lowest Heaven, and Meeting Infinity. Her nonfiction has been featured in The Atlantic, The Village Voice, LA Weekly, Locus, and the collection The Geek Feminist Revolution.

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Kamila Zeman Miller
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Kamila Zeman Miller lives with her family on small acreage in the Columbia River Gorge, where she paints and writes speculative fiction.  She has the obligatory large number of rescued cats, as well as dogs, goats, rabbits and a very raccoon-savvy but consequently lonely chicken.  "Thistles and Barley" is her first published story.

Stories by Kamila Zeman Miller:
Karalynn Lee
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Karalynn Lee grew up in Korea without being fluent in Korean. She now lives in Silicon Valley and has just a high enough geek knowledge score to pass as one in dim lighting and loud music. She is fond of both poetry and terrible action movies.

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Karen Osborne
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Karen Osborne lives in Baltimore, MD, with two violins, an autoharp, a theremin, three cameras, a husband, and a bonkers orange cat. Her short fiction appears in Uncanny, Fireside, Escape Pod, Robot Dinosaurs, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Her debut novel, Architects of Memory, will be published in 2020 by Tor. She emcees the Charm City Spec reading series, plays the fiddle in a ceilidh band, and once won a major-event filmmaking award for shooting and editing a Klingon wedding trailer. You can find her on Twitter at @karenthology.

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Karlo Yeager Rodríguez
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Karlo Yeager Rodríguez

Kat Howard
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Kat Howard is a former competitive fencer who is exceedingly glad dueling to the death was not a requirement of the sport. Her short fiction has been performed on NPR, as part of Selected Shorts, and has appeared in Subterranean, Lightspeed, and Apex, among other places. She lives and writes in the Twin Cities.

Stories by Kat Howard:
Kate Alice Marshall
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Kate Alice Marshall lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and several small agents of chaos disguised as a dog, cat, and child. Her short fiction has appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Crossed Genres, and other venues, and she is the author of the YA survival thriller I Am Still Alive from Viking Children’s. You can find her online at

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Kate Dollarhyde
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Kate Dollarhyde is a narrative designer and writer of speculative fiction. You can read her stories in Gamut and Lamplight, and you can find her on Twitter as @keightdee. Though she lives in Oakland, California, her true home is on the internet.

Stories by Kate Dollarhyde:
Kate MacLeod
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Kate MacLeod lives in Minneapolis, MN with her husband and two sons. When she’s not working or homeschooling her boys she likes to write. Her work has previously appeared in Allegory, Beyond Centauri, Warrior Wisewoman 2, and is forthcoming in the anthology Fantastical Visions V. She can be found on the internet at

Stories by Kate MacLeod: