T.D. Edge

T D Edge won the Cadbury’s Short Story Competition at age ten and had several poems published by Heinemann at age sixteen.  In the same year, he became the youngest-ever English Table Soccer Champion. After a long wait, during which he had to buy his own chocolate, he had several children’s/YA books published in the UK. He has eight SF/F short stories coming out in 2009, and he contributes voice articles on writing to the SF podcast Starship Sofa. He still plays table soccer but with self-delusion rapidly replacing actual ability. Visit him online at www.td-edge.com.

Stories by T.D. Edge:
“System, Magic, Spirit”Issue #17, May 21, 2009

Podcasts by T.D. Edge:
BCS 015: System, Magic, SpiritIssue #18, June 4, 2009

Audio Vault Podcasts by T.D. Edge:
BCS Audio Vault 011: System, Magic, SpiritIssue #162, December 4, 2014