Vylar Kaftan

Vylar Kaftan writes speculative fiction of all genres, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, and slipstream. She’s published stories in places such as Clarkesworld Magazine, Realms of Fantasy, and Lightspeed. She founded a new SF/F convention in San Francisco called FOGcon (fogcon.org). Recently, she won the 2013 Nebula for her novella “The Weight of the Sunrise.” She lives with her husband Shannon in northern California and blogs at www.vylarkaftan.net.

Stories by Vylar Kaftan:
“Ink of My Bones, Blood of My Hands”Issue #149, June 12, 2014
“Prashkina's Fire”Issue #48, July 29, 2010

Podcasts by Vylar Kaftan:
BCS 129: Ink of My Bones, Blood of My HandsIssue #149, June 12, 2014
BCS 042: Prashkina's FireIssue #49, August 12, 2010