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2013, 2014 Hugo Award Finalist for Best Semiprozine
BCS a 2014 Hugo Award Finalist!

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The 2014 Hugo Award nominees were announced over the weekend, and BCS is a finalist for Best Semiprozine!

Thanks very much to all who found us worthy! We are honored to be a Hugo finalist again this year, especially because this honor is for the whole magazine; all our authors and fiction.

Thank you very much to everyone who helped keep BCS this year what it has become, including Assistant Editor Emeritus Kate Marshall, Editorial Assistant Nicole Lavigne, all our authors and artists, our guest podcast narrators, and of course every one of our readers and fans.

Congratulations also to the BCS authors who had other work named finalists:

  • Rachel Swirsky (“Great, Golden Wings” in BCS #28), in Best Short Story for “If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love”

And congratulations to all the other finalists in Best Semiprozine: Apex, Interzone, Lightspeed, and Strange Horizons.Those four magazines show up often in our BCS Authors Elsewhere posts of our author’s stories appearing in other magazines. It is a great age to be a F/SF short fiction reader, with such a panoply of vivid and diverse magazines, all with their own unique voice.

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2014 Locus Reader Poll Closes Soon

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Voting in the 2014 Locus Reader Poll closes next week!

Anyone can vote–you don’t have to be a subscriber to Locus. Works from Locus‘s Recommended Reading List are listed in the poll, but you can also write-in anything you find worthy.

BCS had four stories make Locus‘s Recommended Reading List for 2013. Those stories are listed in the Reader Poll“The Penitent” by M. Bennardo; “On the Origin of Song” by Naim Kabir; “Misbegotten” by Raphael Ordoñez; “Cherry Blossoms on the River of Souls” by Richard Parks.

You can also write-in other works, from BCS or any other magazine. Here are some of the best-reviewed BCS stories from 2013, and which category they fit in (short story, novelette, etc). One to consider writing-in is “Boat in Shadows, Crossing” by Tori Truslow, in the novelette category; it is a finalist for the British SF Association Awards.

BCS itself is also listed for Best Magazine or Fanzine.

The poll covers a lot more than just short fiction–also novels, first novels, artists, and more. Check out the poll listings and show your support for the authors and works that moved you in 2013.

The deadline is Apr. 15–Tuesday.  So plan to cast your vote before then!

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“Boat in Shadows, Crossing” Podcast in StarShipSofa

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StarShipSofa, the Hugo Award-winning fanzine and podcast, this week is including in their episode #331 the BCS podcast reading of Tori Truslow’s story from BCS #113, “Boat in Shadows, Crossing.”

It’s part of StarShipSofa‘s annual special presentation of audio versions of the finalist stories in the “Best Short Fiction” category of the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) Awards.  “Boat in Shadows, Crossing” is a finalist this year for the BSFA Awards.

Check out this StarShipSofa podcast and episode #331, even if you’ve heard Boat in Shadows, Crossing” before here on BCS. It’s a great story and a great audio reading–featuring four of our BCS guest narrators, and the reading was a finalist for the Parsec Award. StarShipSofa‘s episode also contains one of the other BSFA Short Fiction nominees, a story by E.J Swift. And they remind you that if you’re eligible to vote for the BSFA awards, you can do so here by Monday, April 14.

Thank you to StarShipSofa for including the BCS Podcast and “Boat in Shadows, Crossing” in their special episodes honoring the BSFA finalists, and for their kind words about BCS and the BCS Audio Fiction Podcast!

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“On the Origin of Song” in Year’s Best SF&F 2014

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ybsff2014-200On the Origin of Song” by Naim Kabir, a complex tale from BCS #131 that’s told through nested documents and reports, including text left in a character’s footprints after he sets metal type on the soles of his shoes, has been named by editor Rich Horton to The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy: 2014.

Congratulations! “On the Origin of Song” is a fascinating and unique read, by a talented new author.

Other BCS authors appearing in this Year’s Best SF&F: 2014 with stories from other magazines include Yoon Ha Lee (“The Book of Locked Doors” in BCS #91 and several others, including a forthcoming piece in BCS Science Fantasy Month 2 in March: “The Bonedrake’s Penance”) and Benjanun Sriduangkaew (“The Crows Her Dragon’s Gate” in BCS #118, and a new story “Golden Daughter, Stone Wife” forthcoming in text and podcast this April).

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BCS in Mammoth Book of Steampunk Adventures

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Three BCS stories have been named to the forthcoming new anthology The Mammoth Book of Steampunk Adventures!

  • “The Curse of Chimère” by Tony Pi, from BCS #53
  • “Memories in Bronze, Feathers, and Blood” by Aliette de Bodard, from BCS #45
  • “The Governess and the Lobster” by Margaret Ronald, from BCS #95

This volume, like a previous Mammoth steampunk anthology (cover at right) is edited by Sean Wallace of Clarkesworld and The Dark. It also features several other BCS authors with stories from other magazines or original stories:

Congratulations, all!

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Ian McHugh’s “Cold, Cold War” an Aurealis Award Finalist

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Multiple-time BCS author Ian McHugh’s story “Cold, Cold War,” from BCS #123, is a finalist for the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Short Fiction.

Congratulations! The Aurealis Awards recognise the best Australian science fiction, fantasy, and horror of the year. Past winners in the Best Fantasy Short Fiction category include Christopher Green’s story “Father’s Kill” from BCS #24 and podcast BCS 022, which won in 2009, in a tie with coincidentally another story by Ian McHugh!

Ian’s other BCS stories include “Red Dirt” in BCS #58 and “Songdogs” in BCS #27; great reads all.

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BCS Stories on Locus 2013 Recommended Reading List

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Four stories from BCS made the 2013 Recommended Reading List from Locus magazine, the top review source in the field, as compiled by their veteran team of short fiction reviewers including Jonathan Strahan, Lois Tilton, Rich Horton, Gardner Dozois, Ellen Datlow, and many others.

The BCS stories named to the list:

These alongside many other BCS authors for stories that appeared in other magazines. Congratulations, all!

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“Boat in Shadows, Crossing” a Finalist for BSFA Awards

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Boat in Shadows, Crossing,” Tori Truslow’s richly layered novelette from BCS #113, also podcasted by a cast of guest narrators in Audio Fiction Podcast BCS 100, has been named one of four finalists for the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) Awards, for Best Short Fiction of 2013.

Congratulations!! Past finalists in the Best Short Fiction category include China Mieville, previous and forthcoming BCS author Aliette de Bodard, Peter Watts, Ian McDonald, while this year’s finalists alongside Tori include Sofia Samatar. Worthy company indeed.

The winners will be announced at Satellite4 Eastercon convention in Glasgow on Sunday 20th April.

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BCS Stories on Tangent Online 2013 Recommended Reading List

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Tangent OnlineOver a dozen BCS stories from last year made the 2013 Recommended Reading List at Tangent Online, the long-running review site. 

Including short stories and novelettes from the array of tiers on their list, the BCS pieces so honored are:

The Girl Who Welcomed Death to Svalgearyen” by Barbara A. Barnett (BCS #124, 6/27/13)

Bakemono, or The Thing That Changes” by A.B. Treadwell (BCS #116, 3/7/13)

Beheaded by Peasants” by James L. Sutter (BCS #114, 2/7/13)


Two Captains” by Gemma Files (BCS #125, 7/11/13)

Death Sent” by Christian K. Martinez (BCS #112, 1/10/13)

The Coffinmaker’s Love” by Alberto Yáñez (BCS #131, 10/3/13)


Now Ix, He Was a Lover” by Hannah Strom/Martin (BCS #130, 9/19/13)

The Drowned Man” by Laura E. Price (BCS #120, 5/2/13)

The Crimson Kestrel” by Leslianne Wilder (BCS #114, 2/7/13)


Sate My Thirst with Ink and Blood” by Adam Callaway (BCS #115, 2/21/13)

A Sixpenny Crossing” by Don Allmon (BCS #123, 6/13/13)

The Clockwork Trollop” by Debra Doyle and James D. MacDonald (BCS #120, 5/2/13)


The Language of True Things” by Nick Scorza (BCS #115, 2/21/13)

Cold, Cold War” by Ian McHugh (BCS #123, 6/13/13)

 Congratulations, all!  And thank you to Tangent Online for reviewing BCS.

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