When Averly Fell from the Sky

My host studiously ignored the open portfolios of photographs that had been retrieved from my carriage.  Presented therein were proofs from the aforementioned exhibit ("mechano-erotica", it had been dubbed by the artistic community).  Androgynous waifs posed in the controlled symmetry of Machines; the hair on their heads and elsewhere thickly woven with industrial cable; black metallic powders darkening eyes and lips.

Bandit and the Seventy Raccoon War

Next morning, they'd hardly gone a mile when the boy found something dead. He crouched over it. He called Jacsen over. "It's a raccoon, ain't it?" the boy said. Jacsen stared at the carcass from his saddle. "It looks just like you," the boy said, awestruck. His words rang ill and Jacsen felt suddenly sick. Heat sick maybe and he needed some water.

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When Averly Fell from the Sky

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Only then did I discover two alarming facts about my own person: I was naked beneath the scratchy blanket, and my wrists and ankles were bound in chains.
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The Motor, the Mirror, the Mind
Whether we see visions in mirrors or hear voices in warbling electrical static, we must always interpret, extrapolate, confabulate.