The Ascent of Unreason

By now the rumors had spread; half the population of the Shreds seemed to know that Tolyat the scholar was trying something mad, and most of them had come to watch.  They parted, though, to allow Last through—along with the cart he was dragging behind him. Tolyat paused to stare.  "What in the name of everybody else's god is that?"

Worth of Crows

Death circles the tent. She sees the shadow of antlers, tangled like the grove beneath her study in the towers she betrayed. You cannot save him, Death whispers; not forever. But perhaps you can save yourself. Is that why you nurse him with the warmth of the souls of crows? So that you may save his life, and offer it to me? Will he be the payment for your debt?

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The Ascent of Unreason

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If Tolyat wanted to see the whole of Driftwood at once, he had to get close to the Crush.
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Remembering Light
“Nothing in Driftwood is free. What do you want?”