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Gods of the Lower Case: a new tale of the Antique Lands

"Good work, men! Aside, now, Who-else." Benny assumed Who-else's place at the apparatus, which the first-year gratefully surrendered. Benny pressed his upper teeth into his lower lip and pressed the ivory on-and-off switch. Though he did not betray his fears, all four present of the quint held their breaths.

The Girl Who Welcomed Death to Svalgearyen

Adda looked up and down the snowy lane, but Grandma Marit had already disappeared into the darkness. The only movement came from flickers of firelight sneaking out of neighbors' windows. The darkness groaned in annoyance at the tittering flickers, who flitted up and down the sides of the box-like wooden homes. The flickers skipped over the ground and tickled Adda's feet, even through her heavy boots.

From the Archives:
The Girl Who Tasted the Sea
Salt! It tasted of salt as much as the sardines did, but with some wilder flavor, too.