The Days When Papa Takes Me to War

"Well, if it's just soldiers, then that's fine," I tell Papa. I'm relieved. "Dying is what soldiers are for." Underneath me, the carpet of ants shifts slightly, but Mama soothes them with a change in her tone. She starts singing of the new territories they'll open up with their deaths.


I began to feel that I had not paid enough attention to romances and mummers’ tales, for my companion did not act in ways of ordinary men.  I thought perhaps I remembered hearing it was unwise to question mages and the creatures that lived by the rules of magic.  Surely there were stories enough of the lives of the early Saints that told of strange rewards for stranger customs, though I was not about to compare myself to those great heroes of the war-torn days.

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I stared at him, feeling the dirt of travel and the coarse fabric of the borrowed peasant’s wools against my skin.
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The Empire of Nothingness
Aspley sat down at the edge of the pool, trailed his fingers in the cool water. Who are you? What are you doing here?