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The Lighthouse Keepers

Beatrice smiled; it was brittle and wavering. It reminded Mona of the first tentative rays of sunlight emerging on the end of winter. How they came through the windowpanes all watery and uncertain. It had been just the two of them for so long, Mona realized.

The Dreams of Wan Li

If I did not stop her, she would be lying with strangers in the smoke-room tonight, heedless of those who might be watching.  So I made a show of stepping forward to take her satchel, as though she were now too delicate to bear it herself.  She let me carry it, and I followed her through the halls and to her room.

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The Lighthouse Keepers

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It was a frightening, lovely thing; the way the great lens refracted the firelight and sent it out over the water.
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Virtue’s Ghosts
The morning we found out, it was because of me.