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Rappaccini’s Crow

The crow kept watching me. Wherever I went, I could look up and see its eyes upon me. I didn’t realize that until I saw it out in the moon garden. It hopped up on the edge of the center urn and reached out, not with its beak, but with a foot. It took a purple berry in its talons and squeezed until juice oozed out over its claws.

That was when I decided to kill it.
Crossroads and Gateways

Dajan nodded, then trudged after Esu who had set off in a new direction. It was always this way with the gods. Nothing held fast. Nothing held still. They were the wind and he was the grain of sand blown heedless in their wake. He licked his lips. It tasted of salt, but he smiled anyway. He had tricked this boy-god once. There was more to be gained from him.

“You would ask me a question, little god?”
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How the Wicker Knight Would Not Move

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Throwing Stones
By the end of each night I had nearly adjusted, only to be wrenched back to my natural form at the first whisper of dawn.