Issue #155
September 04, 2014

No Sweeter Art

As a candy dog I lazed between two street-kitchen buckets. Through the legs of passers-by I glimpsed my real self resting at my stall. Next, I animated the sugar-horse. Nong had convinced an herbalist to hang my horse figurine under his ‘running horse’ lamp. I had worried about the flame but needed this vantage point covered, and so dangled the horse a hopefully safe distance under the lantern’s base.

By Appointment to the Throne

The body couldn't have been there long; washers and cooks had been coming in, and there were deliveries. Sometimes waitstaff came in early, to pick up a little extra cash working in the kitchen. Or she could have been killed after closing the night before, and just dumped in the morning, or... or anything, really.

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No Sweeter Art

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My soul sunk beneath the platform planks and into a sturdy ox figurine with wisps of cooled caramel for its horns.
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Introduced by author Marie Brennan.
From the Archives:
Luck Fish
He slices through the thong on the cover of the fish basket. Hundreds of sunken eyes stare accusingly up at him.