Issue #160
November 13, 2014

A Guest of the Cockroach Club

Ugh, the Cockroach Club! They would pick a spot like this for their headquarters, as far as possible from Pennsylvania Avenue. They would like to make a United States senator walk for miles through muck and worse on a freezing February night. And they wouldn't mind the foreign and sinister stink of the place—oh no! They would only make it worse.

The Streetking

Found her down by the Kaltan corner next, and switched well. And better the next meeting. Wondered what her parents thought, her losing bits of shine like that, 'til I realized she was lifting them. I tried to tell her care, but she was paces ahead. "I take them in the gardens," she laughs like a trinket, "and the groomsmen search through the beds after, and the ladies shout around the hedges. 'Where's my necklace? Where's my anklet?'”

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The Streetking

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I knew the streets. I were a quick strike and a wary eye, but this...
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Ill-Met at Midnight

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Introduced by narrator John Meagher.
From the Archives:
Fleurs du Mal
She stroked the globe of one of the sickly plants. The fronds inside followed the motion of her fingers.