Steady on Her Feet

Holliday's face grew hot. "I go to the schoolhouse, same as anyone here in the up-there, and the marms give us history lessons. I know all about revolutions and what like. And guess what? We all will live in real houses someday. One of Runsdown's mudlarkers will get too angry, and they'll start everything, and you and everyone else in the up-there will be sorry."

A Screech of Gulls

"Rattle, Milkring, Caul." The names of Tutti's gulls are all remnants from a time before he lived under the docks, before he sold caught birds at Benechiaro's merport to indebted sailors on shore leave, and to the whores who serviced them, and to the thieves who shadowed them.

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A Screech of Gulls

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Tutti loves only three things in this world, and he loves them well: his birds, his liquor, and Gemma, the junkmonger who keeps the stall next to his barrel.
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“Ain’t hiding nothing,” said Jabey, freshly conscious of the slave collar scars at his neck.