Issue #176
June 25, 2015

The Girl with Golden Hair

“You’re a liar,” said the girl with golden hair. “You lie to keep us in check. You lie about the fish people to keep us here, so we won’t try to escape down the river. And you lie about the mountains, so we won’t go there, either. You lie about the blood tax being integral to the wealth of the city. What could you possibly use the blood for?”

Court Bindings

Then there's the sparrow you set to chirping an alert whenever someone approaches your suite from the palace courtyard. After several days, it falls to the ground and is no doubt claimed by some hungry scavenger. It had too diminutive a mind to realize it could serve you longer by taking time to eat and sleep.

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The Girl with Golden Hair

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“Where are all the people?” she asked. I neighed, unsure. Why would they hide in their caves when two strangers appeared?
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The Nine-Tailed Cat

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I stared at him, feeling the dirt of travel and the coarse fabric of the borrowed peasant’s wools against my skin.