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Murder Goes Hungry

"It's not—" I sighed as we reached the doors of the veterans' wing. "It was a cruel thing for him to do. She has her vows, and too many of us veterans are too scarred to be any sort of decent companion."

Flying the Coop

The hut awkwardly navigated a twist in the road and turned towards the saltworks, disappearing from view except for its misshapen chimney bobbing above the modest rooftops. Its shuffling footsteps faded, and Nadia regretfully returned to the problem of her father's corpse.

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Moogh and the Great Trench Kraken

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It was more water than ever should be in one place, something so vast he scarcely could find the words. "Oh," he said. "This is a very large river indeed."
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Cold Iron and Green Vines
Most people didn't bother replacing teeth; they all went wicker-and-cogwork as young as they could.