Featuring new cover art for the winter season of our Northern Hemisphere readers: “Huashan Temple” by Xiao Ran.

Eyes Beyond the Fire

When no eyes were on her, Lys frayed a rope with her knife—choosing one which would not harm the sails but would send an iron pulley tumbling into the sea. When Tamlen angrily ordered a replacement brought from the cargo hold, Lys was first to volunteer and on her way before anyone could deny her.

The Rest Will Blur Together

I am Melika. And that is all, now. My grandfather—I believe he was my grandfather—said that our memories make us who we are. I hope that he was wrong, for if he spoke the truth, then I am no one.

From the Archives:
The Drowned Man
The drowned man brushed past Corwyn in his hurry to get away from her sister.