Issue #197
April 14, 2016

The Sweetest Skill

I needed to stall the Ten Crows Sect’s men. I asked the Golden Water River for leave to shape a water-hound from its substance, and in return I’d offer my candy dog figurine as tribute. It was pleased, and it pulled the caramel into deeper currents while granting me dominion over a vat’s worth of sugar-tinged riverwater.

Rabbit Grass

I haul my basket over to the stand of flowers that look like ladies’ lacy handkerchiefs.  While I’m digging in the soil with my trowel, sure enough, Picket hops over in the funny way Rabbits do and stares at me through the fence.  His ears have perked up again, and I can see him smiling out of the corner of my eye.  Insults and scoldings never keep them down for long.

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The Sweetest Skill

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My soul animated the river’s gift. I sculpted my liquid body as I would a glob of hot caramel, paying homage to my old beloved dog.
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No Sweeter Art

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Introduced by audiobook and podcast narrator John Meagher.
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I was looking into his ankle, then there was a frightening jerk on my tail and I was peering into his long wide face.