Ebb Stung By the Flow

We do this still—the train goes where I will it, and we are drawn where the world needs us. We are life, we are death; we are that which stands between. We allowed ourselves to be carried away, allowed ourselves to love, to die, and become a train that circles the world entire as the circus dictates.

Under She Who Devours Suns

When it happens, the sky creases and pulses. The ground before Sikata's shrine bristles, implosions of frost budding percussive through pavement. A body falls, producing no more impact or sound than a leaf. Fangs and cilia spring up, to protect or perhaps imprison. Melishem lets them bite and lash at her, though most fail to penetrate the alloy of her skin.

From the Archives:
Unearthly Landscape by a Lady
I could not imagine that my charge could conceive something so strange, so unpleasant.