Issue #207
September 01, 2016

To Rise No More

Ada shook her head, staring once more at the Thames. "I do not think what I had in mind will work. The size of the wing, if it is to be large enough to lift me—my body cannot possibly generate enough force to move it. Not with the speed required." Especially not when she kept growing. Every inch meant more weight for the wings to lift, without a commensurate gain in strength.

George & Frank Tarr, Boy Avencherers, in ‘Beeyon the Shours We Knowe!!!!’

Where's it all come from? George wondered. Where you think it comes from? Frank scoffed. It's fields and roads and house lots. It's America, running westwards to somewhere else, anywhere else, someplace maybe better, like Great-Grandpaps did, and like Papa did, and just like we're doing.

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To Rise No More

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No matter how many times she watched it, Ada could not see how the transformation happened.
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And Blow Them at the Moon

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Introduced by the author.
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Chloe’s first instinct was to hustle Willy and Annie out of the zoo, lest they learn prematurely there was such a thing as atheism.