A Cup of Comfort

“Of course I will come,” said the Dragon Queen. Her voice was muted beneath the layers of dark cloth that covered her, but a ripple of amusement sounded as she added, “I should hope my old friend has not forgotten my favorite blend, after all these decades. I shall be disappointed if there isn’t a fresh pot awaiting me.”

A Glass Kiss for the Little Prince of Pain

His grip tightens. He looks up at me with an honesty reserved for saints and the soon to be executed. "If you do this, it'll ruin you. Please, come back with me to the school, give up this alliance with the Empress, and together we can find a way to save the boy. Armila, please, this kind of murder, to one so young? You can't come back from that kind of corruption."

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A Cup of Comfort

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“Nonsense. You are my guest.” The dragon reached out with long, sharp, delicately curving claws and tipped the teapot.
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In the Gardens of the Night
If the General wants her dead, he must agree to my requests.