A Portrait of the Desert in Personages of Power, Pt. II

Even though I had slept, I was still fatigued, and I half-suspected that the Raker had simply assumed I possessed the stamina of youth, for all he had tried to be careful—but the rush of our powers had revived me. I felt fully myself now, my spirit stretching my skin, my blood aflame with the exhilaration of that danger. He did not know yet how to be safe. He would choose to be, for me, if he knew how. That I believed.

Rivers Run Free

A truth about rivers: we have always been able to draw our water together into solid bodies, to walk on two legs. But it is not without risk, and not without cost. We lose much of ourselves in the transformation, and if there's not enough of us to start with, well...

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Rivers Run Free

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We ride stolen horses over the choked earth.
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Breathing Sunshine
I worried about the detector. Kept my attention up for the slightest tingle of accidental particle ingestion.