Benefactors of Silence

Bile rises. I anticipate her words. “This song meant everything to us. It reminded us of how we survived the wars in our little underground shelter as the Dvenri troops exterminated those of our people who did not hide in underground enclaves. As your people, your glorious Yroi Empire, then exterminated mine.”

Nneamaka’s Ghost

Her words make me shudder like a puppy introduced to an unfamiliar environment. When I recover, I don't answer. Instead, I scuttle to the nook between the head of my bed and the mud wall opposite the window and ransack the wicker cupboard there for my incense, muttering to myself, "Amadioha the great god, there's two of them. Nnanna's ghost too?"

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Benefactors of Silence

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Malaguena refuses to play most of the pieces dedicated to the other moons, but this sonata, composed for the Swan Moon, accompanies our evenings.
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