Special double-issue for BCS Science-Fantasy Month 4, featuring a bonus story and science-fantasy cover art “Ugg” by Florent Llamas.

Do As I Do, Sing As I Sing

At every opportunity, I asked a variation on the question that haunted me: what would happen to my village if Kirren died before I returned? If we weren't special, why didn't they teach more of us, so there would be no risk of my family starving? They never answered.

The Emotionless, in Love

Colton had never seen grains project random memories like this. It was almost as if something had shattered the collective consciousness of the tiny machines on this land, forcing them to communicate without thought or reason.


She pumps her legs harder, lifts higher. Slapping back. Strike, strike, strike. She cannot slow. She must not sink, stone-skipping on webbed feet. On and on and ever on. Her arms burn with the effort of carrying her child.

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She says instead: "because he isn’t coming."
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The Mote-Dancer and the Firelife
Nicolai was three years dead when I lighted to EZ Aquarii to forget him. Naturally he came along too.