In the Age of Iron and Ashes

The girl did not answer for a while; for so long, in fact, that Yudhyana had started to move back towards the camp. When she spoke, her voice stopped him, as surely as a knife drawn across his throat. “Everything lives and dies,” she whispered. “Everything changes, and all changes end in death.”

On the Transmontane Run with the Aerial Mail Express

Willow kicked the pedal and steered to a tree leaning over the lake. Giff squealed, confused that she wasn't at the mast. Susie hopped, wanting to explore. In the scramble to disembark, unbalanced by the cargo-bag, Willow lost her footing and hung over the black water. Giff caught her jacket and swung her to the bank. Her legs trembled, or it might have been the quaking ground.

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The Woman and the Mountain

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The mountain was listening very closely, watching the wind blow faint tendrils of her hair, catching the warmth of her breath.